SW in Bloom 2017

The culmination of another busy year. With the baskets up in Penzance and the planters planted. And this year Penzance gives another entry into Britain in Bloom South West.


Our latest addition are the planters welcoming you to the West Cornwall Hospital. I watched the chap painting the WCH logo on them. He lay on the floor to do it. You really must go and see them.

Thanks to all the members who have worked so diligently in one way or another. And thank you for the continued support from the Penzance Town Council for watering and financial support. It would not be possible without all of you and especially to our Ken.

Fiona Thomas-Lambourn
Chairman Pz Community Flora Group

If you wish to download our 2017 SW in Bloom portfolio; it is available here. Please click on the link;