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The First Great Western Planter Project – Penzance Station

John Moreland came up with the idea of new planters on the widest platform at Penzance Railway Station, due to the sad state of the existing flower beds. Sara Rogers was contacted, overall Manager of all the stations, including Truro, who was most helpful and delighted at the project idea.

First Great Western paid for the wood, the treatment, and the soil. Penzance CFG together with Penlee Park gardeners donated some plants. It has taken a little longer to put into place than expected, but apart from wanting a few more plants, the project is now complete. Here are the new planters

IMG_5142b IMG_5143b

IMG_5144b IMG_5145b

On the 21st July a lovely email arrived from Sara Rogers;

“The planters are looking much better now, we had some plants left over last week from another station so we have put these in too. We will look after the plants, thanks for yours and John’s support with this.Regards Sara”

The Two Sheds Project

Penzance Community Flora Group Has Summer Successes. Thanks To The Sainsburys Group, and the Cornwall Community Foundation Grant, and Others. The PZCFG have worked with generous members of the community to get work underway on their latest “Two Sheds Project” this month.

Last month two sheds from the Sainsburys site, were contributed to the group, and transported to the Pz CFG group’s new site behind the John Daniel Centre in Heamoor. “Thank you so much to the Sainsburys group, and especially the site manager Alen Susnjara and his excellent contractors, plus Castle Quarry for the hardcore aggregate and path stone, and Jewsons for collecting and delivering it to our site” said group founder, Fiona Thomas-Lambourn. “My kettle was nearly permanently on, but these people made the project possible and worked so hard for us. It was a real success.”

In June, Fiona was awarded a £1000 grant for the group from The Cornwall Community Foundation, with the condition being that the two sheds given by Sainsburys had to be up and running and the £1000 spent on the project, and the project signed off, by the end of July. (It seems to have touched the hearts of some to have saved a little piece of the Heliport site). Having obtained the grant in June, everything has gone according to plan. The money awarded was £1000. This has been spent on the “Two Sheds Project” which included wood for the staging in the tunnel. This was a great boost to the Flora Group. The total spent has been £971.15. The balance will be spent on trays and pots for the tunnel,

Shed1 Shed1_c
Shed 1 was delivered to the site whole. Group members Ken Prouse and Fiona dug the foundation site, put in the hardcore and the blockwork, and great friend Billy Faul JCB owner swung the shed into place. (Having already leveled the whole site for the Group back in March.)

Shed2 Shed2_b
Shed 2 was too large to transport intact and had to be dismantled before moving from the Sainsbury site. “Being a big heavy shed with windows, I have looked at it in pieces thinking, how will we ever get this one up and running as our potting shed for the Penzance Community Flora Group?” said Fiona. “And then the break came, Ken and Fiona visited Alen and he came up and viewed the site, at the time the planted baskets were waiting to be hung in Penzance. He agreed to lend us some contractors to get the job done.”

Shed2_k  Shed2_d

Shed2_c Shed2_e
Tonnes of aggregate and path stone, a gift from Castle Quarry, was dropped off to the site on the 6th of July by Jewsons, who offered one of their large lorries to collect, and deliver it to the contractors waiting on site, to build the foundations for shed 2

Shed2_f Shed2_g
Last Saturday 13th July, Fiona, Ken Prouse, Michael Rabbitte, and seven contractors were on hand all morning to rebuild shed 2 as the project finally came together.

Shed2_i Shed2_j
Sainsburys contractors volunteering their time were; Clive Wheeler(known as “Zim”) Nathan Frew, Andrew Vine, Craig Philips, Craig Beeslee, Kevin Allen, (The Boss) and Chris Mudge.
The final felting was completed by Ken P, Michael R, and Fiona, on Saturday. The two sheds, with the tunnel built in March, will now provide the perfect space for Penzance Community Flora Group to continue to maintain park, gardens and town flower beds in Penzance, as well as supplying hanging baskets to retail outlets and making it a flower friendly seaside town.
The group also thanks Steven Walker who set up the PZCFG website and continues to update it. Also thanks to The Penzance and District Tourist Association, who kindly donated £250.00 last year following a talk about the Group. In addition, Pz Rotary Club who have donated £200. We are indebted for the backing from Penzance Town Council who have agreed to give the Group a regular supporting grant. Craig Bond for his generous voluntary giving of time, “cherry picking” the hanging baskets and planters in place for the town. Michael Foye for his help on the site. The Causeway Head Traders lead by Paul Shaw for believing in us, and placing orders for baskets, and paying for them. “The Spring Show” for their backing, and a special thanks to Ken Prouse for all the hours he has put in! And the John Daniel Centre for our site.

Thanks to everybody involved !

The End of Grant Report for the Cornwall Community Foundation was sent in on the 22nd July 2013, in time for the 30th Deadline. The photos were sent jpg as requested to The CCF Panel as proof to all the work done. All has turned out very satisfactorily.