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Sowing wild flowers for bees



This project appears to have several titles, Bee World and Bee Cause National Day.

This is a national program to bring the importance of bees to everyones attention, by the sowing of bee friendly flowers, according to soil type, all over the UK

FOE picked the Penzance Community Flora Group to establish one of three sites in West Cornwall. Andrew George then chose to have his photoshoot with the Penzance Community Flora Group at the John Daniels Centre (the chosen site.) The seed was sent down after measurements were made of the sites at JDC. Not yet sure of the mix of wild flowers. Awaiting information from Quentin Given, head of distribution of wild flower seeds.

The photoshoot at JDC took place on 17th May, Andrew George MP. Phil Rendle Mayor of Penzance. Tom Marks, CORMAC, four representatives of FOE, Ken Prouse and Fiona T-L, PzCFG, and Colin from JDC.

The John Daniels Centre were very pleased to be the chosen site.


This is the Penzance Community Flora Group growing tunnel at the JDC site, up and running, and planted for 2013. Hopefully ready to go out into the town by mid June.